News 2012

December 10 2011:

New results!
Nordic Winner Show Stockholm;
Judge: Philip Greenway (UK).
SE UCH USCH NORDV-11 NORDVV-11 Lil'Itch Send In The Clown JE (Circus) BOB (2 titles Nordic Winner-2011 and Nordic Veteran Winner-2011).
Congratulations to Jenny and Circus!

Circus on the table, being inspected by the judge.
Photo: Mia Möllberg

Happy faces after Circus becoming Best Male.
Photo: Mia Möllberg


August 19 2011:

New results!
International dog show in Tallin;
Judge: Dodo Sandahl (SE).
SE UCH USCH Lil'Itch Send In The Clown JE (Circus) BM-2, Best Veteran.
FI UCH NO UCH SE UCH Bodils Puzzel (Maynard) BM-3 CAC CACIB (Last CACIB for the C.I.B title).
Congratulations to Maynard and Circus!


July 24 2011:

Today was a good day for our dogs at the international all breed dog show in Köping. FI UCH NO UCH SE UCH Bodils Puzzel (Maynard) went BM-2 with CACIB, even though it was raining like never before he did a great job!
SE UCH USCH Lil'Itch Send In The Clown JE (Circus) went BOB, BIS-Veteran and Group-3! Congratulations to Maynard and Circus!

Jenny and Circus with their prizes.
Photo: Mia Möllberg


May 21 2011:

A new page for picture-galleries has been added.
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May 19 2011:

New picture in Circus's gallery!
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April 17 2011:

Billy, Bruno and Luca are four weeks old, and they are now registered at SKK (Swedish Kennelclub).
Their names are Jennico Chasing The Wind (Billy), Jennico Space Cowboy (Bruno) and Jennico Spring Equinox (Luca).


April 16 2011:

Today we say congratulations to FI UCH NO UCH SE UCH Bodils Puzzel (Maynard)! He went BOB at Västerås all breed dog show.
Judge was Yvonne Cannon from Ireland.


April 2 2011:

The puppies are doing well, they are now 14 days old.

Luca, Billy and Bruno 14 days old.
Photo: Mia Möllberg


Mars 20 2011:

The puppies are here! Late Saturday evening on the 19th of March Cookie went into labour. Three pups came out, 1 girl and 2 boys. Both Cookie and the pups are doing fine.

Cookie and her puppies.
Photo: Jenny Skogsberg


Feb 24 2011:

Cookie is expecting puppies!

Pregnant Cookie!
Photo: Mia Möllberg


Jan 30 2011:

Site is up.



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